There are several numbers of activities on offer for you to enjoy during daylight such as barbecue, Karaoke, ATV Ride, family day, group retreat, beach volleyball, mini beach soccer, river activities such as swimming, fishing and boating, jungle trekking, and mountain biking. Team building activities will be coming up soon. Libiki Bamboo Resort also provides accommodations and facilities comprising of single unit chalets, a double storey tree house, a family unit chalet, Barbecue huts, main hall, public toilet and sand court for beach volleyball and mini beach soccer.


Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport for thrill seekers. Littered with thousands of miles of well maintained trails that meander and wind across magnificent topography and through primeval jungles, hills, mountains and cities. Our mountain bike trails is 100% jungle trails. An adventurous and challenging trails from lower land up to the hills and river crossing will be a memory you'll never forget.


Barbecue is one of the common activities that everyone loves. In Libiki Bamboo resort, we provide barbecue huts at the riverbank for rent with variety of size for small and big groups. Barbecuing while experience the freshness and coolness of the Sarawak River will give you full satisfaction and unforgettable experience.



Need something to boost up the atmosphere? Well, pick a song and spice things up. Just RM 50 for one hour. Sing karaoke song via YouTube and you don't have to worry about choosing a song. Just type and sing ! Internet coverage here is very fast. No buffering though.



Come and experience our ATV Ride with just RM20 for 15 minutes. Once your're here, you'll first be instructed on how to use an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Once you feel comfortable with your ATV, our trained tour guides will take you on an ATV ride through our trails. It might looks easy but actually difficult for beginners though. 


Jungle trekking is the greatest way to get close to nature. It is a way for you to experience the real beauty of nature and enjoy the lush greenery and relaxing ambiance of tropical rain forest here in Libiki Bamboo Resort.

To jungle trek here, there will be guides accompany you as most trekking activity is based around national parks and forest reserves, which include, mangrove, mountain and rain forests. There are plenty of experienced and well trained guides that could take you through challenging trails and they could also answer your questions regarding our jungle!


Surrounded by beautiful Sarawak river, Libiki Bamboo Resort is an ideal destination for all your favourite water activities, and some you may not have discovered yet. There's a lot to do along the Sarawak river here. You can go for swimming, boating, tubing, bamboo rafting and also fishing. 

Beach Volleyball and Mini Beach Soccer

Beach? Why does it called beach volleyball and mini beach soccer when there is no beach there?  Well, Libiki Bamboo Resort court are made from sand which is why we called it beach volleyball and soccer. Enjoying yourself at the river and in the rain forest while experiencing and enjoy beach sports.